Moomin coffee jar Too-Ticky's Christmas

Moomin coffee tin can Moominland Midwinter

Handy jar for storing both coffee grounds and an entire 1/2kg coffee pack.

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11.90 €

Moomin mini thermos bottle / flask Too-ticky's Christmas

Moomin little thermos bottle / flask Moominvalley Midwinter

Packed in a stylish gift box.

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12.90 €

Moomin openable Christmas tree decoration, Too-Ticky's Christmas

Moomin openable Christmas ornament, Moominland Midwinter

Bring the Moomins to your Christmas!

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8.90 €

Moomin serving tray Too-Ticky's Christmas

Moomin serving platter Moominland Midwinter

Adorable tray for the table settings of Christmas!

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8.90 €

Moomin small cans set of 3, Too-Ticky's Christmas

Moomin tiny tin jars set of 3, Moominland Midwinter

Three tiny tin Moomin cans, which can be placed inside each other.

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8.90 €

Moomin tea caddy / storing can, Too-Ticky's Christmas

Moomin tea tin can jar Moominland Midwinter

Tea caddy / storing can that closes with hinges where you can store your favorite teas or candies.

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9.90 €