Anekke Liberty drawstring bag

Anekke Liberty gym bag.

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44.95 €

Anekke Miss Anekke oval shoulder bag

Anekke Miss Anekke oval-shaped shoulder bag

A lovely shoulder bag for the daily adventures - get to know all the wonderful details!

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58.90 €

Anekke Miss Anekke small clutch bag / purse

Anekke Miss Anekke little wrist bag / purse

Adorable little clutch bag that can also be used as a big purse due to it's size.

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22.90 €

Anekke Miss Anekke toiletry / big make-up bag / clutch bag

Anekke Miss Anekke wash bag / big makeup bag / wrist bag

Perfect make-up bag / toiletry bag will keep all your lovely makeup and other items safe. Can be used as a clutch or wrist bag.

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44.90 €

Anekke Moon Notebook/ diary with a lock

Anekke Moon Notebook/ diary with a lock

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Anekke Nature makeup bag with a wrist strap

Anekke Nature make up bag with a wrist strap

A beautiful makeup bag that you can use as a wrtistlet thanks to the wrist strap.

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42.35 €

Anekke Nature purse bag

Anekke Nature pouch bag

Beautiful and romantic Anekke pouch filled with lovely details..

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48.45 €

Anekke Nature wristlet bag

Anekke Nature clutch bag

Beautiful Anekke bag from Nature series with all of its lovely details.

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25.90 €

Anekke Stories drawstring bag

Anekke Stories drawstring backpack

A bag that can be closed with strings and carried on your bag is suitable for your little everyday adventures.

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