Small Foot® Dollhouse, Blue Roof

Product Code: LEG016-3110

Small Foot® Dollhouse, Blue Roof

Beautiful, dream dollhouse with all of its furniture.

Wooden, high-quality two-storey dollhouse.

99.00 €

A dollhouse for everyone!

This dollhouse has no outer walls, so everyone can play together easier and from every angle. This two-storey house has 4 different rooms: a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. The front has beautiful light pink sliding doors. The dollhouse has adorable pastel coloured interior with high-quality wooden furniture. 

  • In total 15 different furniture and appliances.
  • Measurements: 42 x 39 x 50 cm
  • Material: wood
  • Weight: 6,54kg

Manufacturer: Small Foot®

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