Do-It-Yourself Elvis the Elephant soft toy in a gift box

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DIY Elvis the Elephant plushie in a gift box

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Amazing DIY stuffed animal set that has everything that is needed for sewing a lovely elephant soft toy! The materials will be delivered in an adorable package. A great gift idea for a child or perfect task to do as a pastime.

The level of difficulty of this Do it yourself package is easy, so it's perfect for a beginner or an enthusiastic hobby crafter. 

The package includes small parts, scissors and a needle, so the set is not suitable for children under 6 year olds.

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  • The contents of the package: Instructions (in english), a pen, the elephant fabric base, scissors, thread, stuffed toy filling, 7 pins, needle
  • The measurements of the ready stuffed animal: 18,5 x 25 cm
  • The measurements of the package: 22 x 15 cm

Manufacturer: Rex London

Categories: Children • Children's toys • Soft toys

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