Moomin magic pad book

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Magical Moomin-themed coloring book, with pictures can be colored again and again. With a pen filled with water the colors come to life and disappear as the paper dries. Long waits are no longer a problem with the Moomins and this magic notebook! 

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Exciting coloring book, on which the pictures of the characters of Moominvalley in different situations can be recolored again and again. FIll the pen with water and the great coloring may begin! The colors and shapes suddenly appear on the page when you color the shapes of the picture with the water pen. As the page dries it turns - magically - back to white.

Water pen pictures can be easily taken along on a trip, since the product is small-sized, but big enough for sturdy drawing. With one pen you can color all the pictures in the pad book. The technique that makes already existing drawings appear supports the child's understanding of different ways to draw, create and the very nature of the shapes. The notebook has many joyous and colorful pictures, on which Moomintroll is adventuring with his friends.

  • Dimensions: 15 x 26,5 x 2 cm
  • Age recommendation: +3-years

Manufacturer: Martinex

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