Apothecary toiletry bag "Moustache"

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Apothecary toiletry bag "Moustache"

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A spacious toiletry bag with a mellow and serene apothecary design. The Apothecary -series is made with a whiff of old times, old style and a pinch of playful black humour or sarcasm. This toiletry bag is surprisingly spacious and easy to open. All the neccessary bottles and essentials can now be kept in one place and are easy to carry along! High quality faux leather is durable and repels moisture, so it's perfect for a bathroom.

Give Moustache toiletry bag as a gift to a friend or loved one and fill it with a little luxuries: moustache maintenance kit, bear grooming tools or with a pampering kit!

  • Toiletry bag has some writing on it, for example: "Moustache wax, for external use only"
  • Toiletry bag opens with a zipper 
  • A red water-resistant inner lining 
  • Measurements: approximately 26 x 18 x 14 cm
  • Material: high-quality faux leather

Manufacturer: Disaster Designs

Categories: Handbags & Accessories • Wash bags & Make up bags

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