Moomin notebook "To Do" Shipwreck, with a magnet

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Moomin notebook "To Do" Shipwreck, with a magnet

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A practical To Do -list will help you to keep your affairs and work in order. With the magnet at the back you can attach the To do -list to a place where it can easily be seen and noticed, such as the door of your fridge or on another magnetic or metallic surface. You can also keep the list on your table. The notebook has 52 pages, a page for every week of a year. The funny Moomins and lovely colours guarantee that you'll happily glance at this To do -list every now and then and it can be left in plain sight for the entire family to enjoy.

Do you need more space for notes? Check out this Moomin week calendar

  • The notebook/ To do -list has 52 pages
  • Measurements:19,5 x 10,5 cm
  • Material: paper

Manufacturer: Putinki

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