Tove Jansson: Moominpappa and Sea (revised edition)

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Tove Jansson: Muumipappa ja meri (uudistettu laitos).

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Beloved Moomin classics in Finnish in a beautiful renewed series-style.

Moominpappa's dreams take the Moomin family to a Lighthouse island, to the great mysteries and hardships.

In the middle of the open sea there's a spot in the map, that Little My claims to be dirt from a fly. But that is actually an island, gloomy little Lighthouse island. There the Moomin family sails to from their safe valley, since Moominpappa no longer wants to be an unneeded father of the family. But the everyday life comes to the island as well, and it's certainly different from the daydreams. The life is filled with unexpected adversities and unpredictable forces of nature. Everyone needs to face alone their own longings and disappoinments. Sometimes you just need a lot of time and a huge storm to blow things in order.

  • Written in Finnish!
  • 210 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Age recommendation: 7+

Publisher: WSOY

Categories: Moomin books

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