Umbra Buddy Hook rack, grey, 3pcs

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Umbra Buddy Hook rack, gray, 3pcs

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Pikku Myy kukkarolaukku

Umbra Buddy Hook rack, grey

The new novelty from Umbra are these Buddy Hook racks that can brighten up any interior decor. 

Hilarious Buddy characters climbing on the wall are a joy to the eyes and most of all practical. You can hang your clothes or accessories on them. Whatever it comes to mind to place on these hooks. Would you perhaps want these hooks in black or colorful? Check all Buddy racks!

Funny and practical interior decor element.

  • Size 7,5 x 16,8 x 7,6cm
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: grey
  • The set includes three separate characters, and each hook can carry a fair weight of two kilograms
  • The parts needed for attatching the hooks on the wall come with the package

Manufacturer: Umbra, designed by Alan Wisniewski

Categories: Home decorations • Umbra Buddy

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