Treaclemoon Those lemonade days -bath and shower gel 500ml

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Treaclemoon Those lemonade days -shower gel 500ml

Lovely luxurious shower gel for everyday showers!

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Treaclemoon's vegan body care products with delicious scents! The gentle shower gels clean your entire skin without drying it. Treaclemoon -products bring the luxury to your everyday showering moments with affordable price.

Start the day with a refreshing shower gel with citrus scent that'll wake you up in no time. Can also be used as bath foam. Suitable for everyday use.

  • Size: 500ml
  • Shower your skin, rub the shower gel in between your hands or a scrub glove until it foams. Wash and enjoy its charming scent. Dry carefully. Leaves the sweet scent on your skin for a long time, Can be used for washing hands as well.

Manufacturer: Treaclemoon

Categories: Cosmetics & Housekeeping • Body care

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