Finnlumor Touch lamp Bunny

Product Code: TAM103-334962

Adorable touch lamp with lovely bunny ears. Perfect fit for example for children's room. You can choose between light blue and light pink lamp, whichever suits your style better.

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Lovely bunny lamp is the perfect decor for children's room or even the living room. You can adjust the brightness and color with the touch switch. You can make the lamp warm-colored or white with just a touch. The lamp comes with a USB-cord that can be used for recharging. After a full recharge the battery lasts approximately for 12-15 hours!

  • Comes with USB-cord
  • Material: Silicone, ABS
  • Measurements: 14,30 x 11,40 x 24,00cm

Categories: Lamps • Children's playroom

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