Skip Hop Food thermos flask, Dog

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Adorable Dog insulated food jar that keeps your lunch warm.

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Practical insulated food jar will keep the child's food either cold or warm. Lunch time can be anytime when you're carrying the lunch with you. Get yourself a practical food thermos flask so that you can take your food with you, and you needn't to quit playing when hunger takes over.  Keeps the food warm up to 7 hours and food stays cool up to 5 hours.

  • The thermos jar has plastic cutlery with it (a spoon and a fork)
  • The food thermos flask is made from stainless steel
  • You can also place other type of cutlery on the holder at the thermos' side
  • You can fit 3,25 dl of food in the insulated food jar
  • Measurements:  9,5 × 9 × 12 cm

Manufacturer: Skip Hop

Categories: Children's dishes

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