Moomin soft cover notebook, "Pancakes & Jam" Moomintroll, light pink

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Moomin soft cover notebook, "Pannukakkua & Hilloa" Moomintroll, light pink

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A light notebook with a soft cover and many pages that have practical lining in every other page. Every page on the right side is ruled/lined, and every page on the left are blank so you can draw on them or use it like a scrap book, collect recipes from magazines and the like. The cover has a food-themed cheerful saying from Moomin books and comics in finnish. The bright colour on the cover helps you to spot the notebook effortlessly from the table, bag or from the shelf.

The notebook is perfect for studying, or used as a diary, a book for recipes or just general note taking. Perhaps you'll start writing your own book on these pages. Give it as a gift to a friend and fill the first page with lovely sayings and citations of your friend in order to give them a personalized gift that'll live a big impression.

  • The page on the left is white, the page on the right is ruled/lined 
  • Fastened with an elastic band
  • Soft carton cover
  • Measurements: 19,5 x 10,5 cm
  • Material: paper

Manufacturer: Putinki

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