Moomin family calendar 2021, 23x34cm

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Moomin family calendar 2019, 23x34cm

You can easily write down all your family's happenings and notes into this family calendar! Let the calendar do the remembering for you. Moomin themed family calendar will certainly brighten up everyone's day!

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black friday 20 pallukka 2 eng

Practical family calendar with a slot for each familu member! With the family calendar you can see everyone's happenings at once. Colorful but stylish Moomin illustration is fun for the entire family.

The calendar has slots for 5 family members, but in case your family's smaller, you can use the extra slot/slots for family's togetherly happenings, birthdays or to share homework! Practical calendar makes the daily life easier.

  • The calendar has 5 slots
  • Calendar has all finnish celebratory/flag days
  • Languages: finnish & swedish
  • Duration of the calendar: year 2021
  • Measurements: 23 x 34 cm

Manufacturer: Putinki

Categories: Moomin products • Calendar • Stationary

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