Pulpe De Vie Deeply moisturizing tissue face mask Daqui’rides

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Deep moisturizing 1st wrinkles anti-aging fabric face mask Daqui’rides

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Deeply hydrating fabric mask makes your face luminous, hydrated and renews the skin. The mask has anti-aging effect that diminishes the signs of aging. The face mask is placed on a clean skin and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

  • Organic
  • The package includes 1 fabric face mask

Manufacturer: Pulpe De Vie

Categories: Cosmetics • Facial care

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Pulpe De Vie is a natural cosmetics skin care series that is committed to fighting against food waste. The series' most important raw materials are fruits or vegetables purchased from small producers that due to their appearance are not suitable for sale or are not bought in stores. The products in the series are reasonably priced and manufactured in France. The aroma of the products pampers you with the freshness of the fruits. Pulpe De Vie only uses unsold fruits and vegetables, and buys from small producers those “funny-looking products” that are not fit for sale. We want to offer these products a second chance to shine as the star raw materials for our products. Each product contains at least 99% natural raw materials. They are both Ecocert-certified and Crueltyfree & vegan -certified.

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