Pluto Produkter Moominpappa shopper bag, off-white

Product Code: PLU187-SHB008

Pluto Produkter Moominpappa shopping bag, ivory

9.90 €

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Leave the plastic shopping bags in the stores and start using this funny shopping bag.

By using reusable and durable shopping bags you'll save the nature and money at the same time. The shopping bag will be delivered in a little pouch, so it can be easily taken along by putting it in your pocket or handbag.

You can easily carry even the heaviest of shopping with this bag, since it's made from durable nylon.

  • Measurements: 45x65cm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

Manufacturer: Pluto Produkter

Categories: Shoppers & Tote bags

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