Osmia vinegar for linen, rhubarb 500ml

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Osmia laundry vinegar, rhubarb 500ml

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lomalta lomps enkku

Osmia is domestic design- and scent company. Their speciality are scents that are closely related to nature. Osmia's products are both environment-friendly and they smell fantastic. Osmia's products are resbonsibly manufactured in Finland.

Vinegar for linen can be used as a fabric softener that freshens both the laundry and the washing machine. It softens the textiles and makes them smooth out easily and is suitable for all materials. The vinegar removes foul smells (such as sweat on sport wear) and eliminates static. The linen vinegar gives the laundry a fresh scent without leaving the scent of vinegar, only the scent added to the vinegar. Treat your home with Osmia's fresh-scented cleaning products.

  • The scent is fresh rhubarb
  • Size: 500ml

Ingerdients: acetic acid <10%, water, scent potpourri

Manufacturer: Osmia

Categories: Cosmetics & Housekeeping • House cleaning

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