Nordicbuddies Moomintroll adventuring take away mug

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Lovely green Nordicbuddies Moomintroll adventuring take-away mug. Make busy mornings easier!

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Take away mug with a beautiful Moomintroll adventuring -illustration. Takeaway mug is one of the best ways to beat busy mornings, since you can practically take your coffee with you to work. To lessen the amount of daily consumption the mug is reused from PLA which is completely biodegradable and renewing material. The mug looks like plastic but it has not phossile-based plastic! The lid on the mug and hand-protecting sleeve is made from foodstuff-safe silicone that is recyclable.

  • Capacity 450ml
  • The package includes a mug sleeve
  • Mug and lid can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Do not put in microwave

Manufacturer: Nordicbuddies

Categories: Thermos flasks & Takeaway-mugs

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