Muurla Pippi Longstocking enamel bowl 3dl Mister Nilsson, green

Product Code: MUU128-1401-030-01

Muurla Pippi Longstocking enamel bowl 3dl Mister Nilsson, green.

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The bowl is machine washable, but it's not microwavable. The base colour is white. Capacity 3dl.

Children's author Astrid Lindgren's character Pippi Longstocking is on Muurla's enamel products with her friends.

Pippi collection brings a sprinkle of colour and fun to your setting. Enamel is a durable and safe for food material, and that's why it's great for many occasions. The colours and illustrations of the collection go well with a playful theme. Take the bowl with you on a trip, to a cottage, or cheer up the table at home.

Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

Categories: Children's dishes


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