Muurla Originals enamel mug, Missing you, white

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Muurla Originals enamel mug, Missing you, white

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Muurla's Moomin Originals -series is decorated with the most beloved Moomin-themed artwork – Tove Jansson's original illustrations. The design will capture the heart of every Moomin fan with its simplicity and Jansson's authentic style.

Muurla's enamel products are handmade and due to that the design on the pattern may slightly vary from the picture. Every product is unique. Enamel is very durable material, but the surface may chip if the product is subjected to hard blow.

Muurla's enamel mugs have rounded edges that make drinking from the mug more comfortable. The heart of Muurla's enamel products is carbon steel that has double enamel coating. Products are durable, practical and light. They're also perfect for all kinds of outdoor use - such as hiking, to cottage or on a boat.

You can wash enamel mug in a dishwasher. NO microwave use.

  • Capacity of the mug: 3,7dl
  • Material: enamel

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Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

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