Muurla Originals Moomin candle The Rush, 8cm

Product Code: MUU293-3716-080-06

Muurla Originals Moomin candle The Rush, 8cm

Muurla's Moomin candles are perfect for every home, both for moodlighting or finishing a table setting.

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Moomin-themed candle brings great harmony to your interior design.

The candle melts from the inside, so the picture on the surface does not melt as the candle burns. Packed in a cellophane bag.

  • Burn time: 30h
  • Scent-free, 100% paraffin candle
  • Height: 8cm

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Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

Categories: Moomin products •  Candles & Candle holders

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