Muurla Moomins in the Kitchen enamel saucepan 0,8L

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Muurla Moomins in the Kitchen enamel saucepan 0,8L

Muurla's gorgeous Moomins in the Kitchen -series' enamel saucepan for all kinds of cooking.

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Moomin family and their friends are cooking and bustling together in the kitchen of Moominhouse. Plates are flying, there's no escape from the chaos and Little My has a few tricks up her sleeve. Mishaps are bound to happen - are Moominmamma's nerves finally being tested? Black-and-white enamel series consists of a saucepan,  a pan and a two different sized pots. Join the world of Moomin and don't be bothered by the mess, it's a part of cooking!

Muurla's enamel mugs have rounded edges that make drinking from the mug more comfortable. The heart of Muurla's enamel products is carbon steel that has double enamel coating. Products are durable, practical and light. They're also perfect for all kinds of outdoor use - such as hiking, to cottage or on a boat. Suitable for all stove types.

  • You can heat this saucepan on a campfire, in an oven, on a electric stove and both the ceramic stove and induction cooktop. 
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher. No microwave use.
  • Capacity: 0,8L
  • Get to know the entire series: Muurla Moomins in the Kitchen

Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

Categories: Kitchen • Pots & Pans

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