Muurla Moomin enamel mug/ candle, Moment Together, 2,5dl, light blue

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Muurla Moomin enamel mug/ candle, Hetki Yhdessä, 2,5dl, light blue

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Light up the darkening evenings with Moomin enamel candles.

A moomin enamel candle holder is made by melting a paraffin candle inside an enamel mug. After burning the candle and after a carefully cleaning the mug you can use it like a regular mug. Unscented. The burning time is approximately 40 h. This mug is not being sold as a mere mug.


  • Capacity: 2,5dl (Size is suitable for children)
  • Material: enamel, paraffin candle

Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

Categories: Moomin mugs • Candles & candle holders 

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