Muurla Moomin enamel mug Moomins in a Jungle 2,5dl

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Muurla Moomin enamel mug Moomins Jungle 2,5dl

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Moomins in a Jungle -series' 2,5dl mug and it's perfectly suitable for a child.

Charming and unique Moomin-characters are adventuring in Muurla's enamel products and glass. Muurla has collaborated with Moomin Characters since 2009, bringing new products and ideas to the selection for year's every season.

Muurla's enamel products are handmade and due to the handicraft the design of the products may vary a  little. Every product is unique. Enamel is a durable material, but the surface may break after a strong impact.

You can wash the enamel mug in a dishwasher. No microwave use.

  • Capacity of the mug: 2,5dl
  • Material: enamel

Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

Categories: Moomin mugs • Moomin products Mugs & Cups • Children's dishes

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