Muurla Moomin enamel jar 1,3l with wooden lid, Winter Trip

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Muurla Moomin enamel can 1,3l with wooden lid, Winter Trip

Lovely Moomin Winter Trip -series brings some warmth even to the coldest of days.

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On the Muurla's Winter Trip -series Moomins are enjoying the winter day by playing around the Moominvalley. The air is filled with delightful excitement - what will they see and come across during their trip? Maybe they'll find a new friend...

Heartwarming and delightful Moomin characters are adventuring on Muurla's enamel products and glasses. Muurla  Muurla has been collaborating with Moomin Characters since 2009 bringing forth new products and ideas for every year's every season. 

Winter Trip -products are great for the Christmas coffee table or just for enjoying mulled wine for a moment.

Muurla's enamel mugs have rounded edges that make drinking from the mug more comfortable. The heart of Muurla's enamel products is carbon steel that has double enamel coating. Products are durable, practical and light. They're also perfect for all kinds of outdoor use - such as hiking, to cottage or on a boat.

Christmas tip: fill it with caramels and give it as a gift!

  • Capacity: 1,3l
  • No microwave use
  • With the air-tight lid you can perfectly use the jar for storing coffee
  • The jar can be washed in a dishwasher but we recommend you wash the wood lid by hand

Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

Categories: Moomin Products • Moomin home decor • Kitchen products • Jars & Boxes

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