Muurla Moomin decor basket #OURSEA, grey

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Muurla Moomin decor storage storing basket #OURSEA, gray

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Let's protect the Baltic Sea together! This product is part of the #OURSEA -campaign for the year 2020.

Bring some color and practicality to your home with these Muurla's interior baskets. Baskets made of felt-like are perfect for storing tiny items. The baskets are made with a special technique from PET -plastic bottles. The felt-like material is durable but light. You can use the basket indoors or outdoors. Splash some color into your home decor and store many different items, such as toys, magazines, couch pillows or blankets, or perhaps firewood. The basket is also a cute alternative for the traditional flower pot -cover.

  • Size: 33x33x31CM
  • Material: recycled plastic

Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

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