Muurla Moomin candle lantern Little My yellow 9,5cm

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Muurla Moomin candle lantern Little My yellow 9,5cm

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Spirited Little My brings light to the Moominhouse with her tricks. She loves to be a part of the adventures and enjoys it when she can snap at others with her brilliant come-backs and wits. You can also find Snorkmaden candle lantern from us!

Moomin glass candle lantern is made from durable borosilicate glass. You can also use it for storing small items, a flower wase for a little bouquet or as a serving bowl for treats.

Designed in Finland.

  • Washing by hand
  • Foodstuff safe
  • Diameter 9,5 cm
  • Material: Glass

Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

Categories: Candles & candle holders 

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