MOZO Moomin big shopper bag, Icon, white

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MOZO Moomin big shopper bag, Icon, white

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Practical and big Moomin shopper bag for casual activities and travelling. Finnish MOZO's bag is stylish and suitable for both free time and work. Unlike with the smaller Icon shopper bag, this big bag makes it easier to reach everything quickly and effortlessly. A spacious pocket with a zipper on the inside.

You can also choose to buy this bag in black.

MOZO is a finnish firm that has created a beautiful Moomin collection in collaboration with Moomin Characters. Get to know the collection's products, such as Moomin bags and backpacks.

  • Water repelling surface
  • A spacious pocket with a zipper
  • Measurements:  44 x 38 x 8 cm
  • Material: 100% cotton

Manufacturer: Moomin by Mozo

Categories: Handbags & Accessories • Bags & Backpacks • Moomin bags & Purses

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