Play tag with the Moomins -game

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Muumit hippasilla -game

Joyous and fast game for a little Moomin fan. In this game you play tag with Moomins as the timer sets the pace. The winner is the one who's the last to have beautiful stones left. For enjoyable playing times!

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Play tag with the Moomins! A fun game that requires some speed and observation - and a good luck.

In this game every player has their own beautiful stones and Moomin character pawn, and the character cards that will be picked from the deck will point to each "it" who they need to find and catch. As the timer sets the time, when it rings the "it" has to give up one of their stones. The winner is the one who is the last to have beautiful stones left.

The coloring and the entire appearance of the game is sunny, and the character pawns and -cards portay the Moomin characters at their sweetest. The ridiculous timer of the game whistles whenever and makes the game more surprising.

For the most laughable and heartfelt games - TAG, YOU'RE IT!

  • Age recommendation: +4 years
  • Duration of a game: approx. 15min
  • Amount of players: 2-4 people
  • Measurements: 27 x 19 x 4,5 cm
  • Batteries for the game: 3 x 1,5V LR44/AG13
  • Made in Finland

Manufaturer: Martinex

Categories: Moomin games & Moomin puzzles

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