Moomin women's Mymble and Little My hoodie Sketch, green

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Moomin women's Mymble and Little My hoodie Sketch, green

Beautiful green hoodie from Moominvalley-collection with a gorgeous sketch of Little My and Mymble from Moominvalley animation series at the chest. Joy for your day!

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Loikoilua englanti

Mymble is hugging and cuddling Little My heartwarmingly. Little My looks slightly annoyed, but regardless she certainly is enjoying herself. It's wonderful to know that you're liked and loved. Pleasant reminders to your near and dear ones that they are important and needed are more necessary than all the wealth in the world!

  • Long sleeves
  • A comfy hood with inner lining that sets beautifully
  • The hood has strings for tightening 
  • Material is thick and pleasant stretchy cotton jersey knit fabric 
  • The inner line is combed soft
  • Faux leather Moominvalley-label
  • Color: Green
  • Material: 61 % cotton 39 % polyester
  • Wash: 40°C, turn inside out and wash with similarly colored clothing. No tumble dry

The size guide / measurement chart can be found here

Manufacturer: Martinex

Categories: Women's clothing

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