Moomin game Muumilaakson puuhapolku

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Moomin game Moominvalley's Muumilaakson puuhapolku

Funny and educational Moomin-themed game with plenty of happenings - you'll have to clear funny missions and exercises. Stinky is a great and funny addition to the game. Winner is the one who reaches the goal first. Enjoy the game!

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From the Moominvalley's happening path you can all kind of interesting things! Join the adventurous walking trip to Moominvalley and clear the funny missions you come across. You should keep your eye on Stinky, since he's not a fan of obeying rules and rather does the opposite than instructed or does it in some other funny way. Joyous and funny trip! One of the players will be the reader of the mission cards and other will be playing. Every player throws the dice on their turn and then moves according to the amount of dots and the gaming board's instructions. From the mission cards you can find funny little exercises and the Stinky-card makes the missions moe creative and fun. The child will learn to follow the rules, be more attentive and more creative. The game is suitable for the entire family or an adult or older sibling may be the supervisor. The winner will be the one that reaches the goal first. Have fun time playing with the Muumilaakson puuhapolku -game!

Attention! The playing language of this game is Finnish.

  • Duration of a game: approx. 20min
  • Age recommendation: +4-vuotta
  • Amount of players: 2-6 hlöä
  • Size of the game board: 27 x 19 x 4,5 cm

Manufacturer: Martinex / Peliko

Categories: Moomin cames & Moomin puzzles

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