Moomin children's Stinky trousers, orange

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Moomin kids' Stinky pants, orange

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Funny Stinky trousers are perfect for little Moomin fans' adventures. The trousers are made from stretchy jersey knit fabric and they are both durable and pleasant to wear. A picture of Stinky is decorating these trousers.

  • Long pant legs
  • Stretchy waist with tightening string
  • Diagonal side pockets
  • Ribbings at the end of the pant legs
  • Soft-brushed inner side
  • One pant leg has a soft slightly embossed rubber-print
  • Material: 60 % cotton 35 % polyester 5 % elastane
  • Wash in 40 °C degrees. No tumble dry

Manufacturer: Martinex

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