Moomin baby's pajamas Christmas tree, dark blue

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Moomin babies'  pyjamas Spruce, dark blue

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A forest at the winter is beautiful and tranquil, and the inhabitants of the Moominvalley are enjoying it to the fullest. Green spruces covered in light snow color the scenery. Moomintroll is wearing snowshoes and wrapped a green scarf on his neck. Stinky is instead skiing with a green beanie on his head, and Sofusu/Shadow might be planning on making snowballs. But where is Snorkmaiden! Ah, there she is: wearing a yellow shawl while skating on ice. How wonderful the winter is! Beautiful pictures go well together and together they create a lovely ensemble with the dark blue base color. The pajamas is part of Moomin family pajamas -series.

  • Long sleeves
  • Long zipper makes dressing up easier
  • Zipper cover on the neckiline that secure's your child's neck 
  • Material is pleasantly soft cotton
  • Charming Christmas-themed pajamas is available for the whole family, from babies to adults!
  • Material: 100 % cotton
  • Wash: 40 °C degrees

Manufacturer: Martinex

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