Moomin baby's pajamas Blooming, rose 62-98cm

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Moomin babies' pyjamas Blooming, rose 62-98cm

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Here's a comfy and soft  warm rose -colored pajamas with long sleeves for your little one! On the design Little My and Moomintroll are enjoying life among the huge blooming flowers. For joyous and lovely days!

  • Long sleeves
  • Long zipper makes putting the pyjamas on easier
  • Zipper cover on the neckiline that secure's your child's neck 
  • White Moomin-label on the side seam 
  • Material: 95 % organic cotton, 5 % elastane
  • Wash: 40 °C degrees

Manufacturer: Martinex

Categories: Children • Babies' clothing • Moomin products

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