Moomin baby's On watch pajamas, orange

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Moomin babies' Vahtivuoro pyjamas, orange

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Stinky has again gotten in trouble and the Police Inspector is keeping watch on him. Moomintroll and Sniff are following the situation curiously. The base color of the baby's nightwear is orange and it's decorated with funny pictures of characters of Moominvalley

  • Long sleeves and pant legs
  • Long zipper makes putting the pyjamas on easier
  • Zipper cover on the neckiline that secure's your child's neck 
  • White Moomin-label at the side seams
  • Material: 95 % organic cotton, 5 % elastane
  • Wash: 40 °C degrees

Manufacturer: Martinex

Categories: Children • Babies' clothing • Moomin products

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