Moomin adults' Stinky socks white, 2 sizes

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Moomin adult's Stinky socks white, 2 sizes

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Fresh white liner socks with a grey picture of Stinky and black-and-white -striped tip.

Stinky is a hairy and fuzzy inhabitant of Moominvalley, who is often doing tricks or pilfering - Moominmamma's berry jams are in constant danger of being eaten too soon. Without Stinky the Police Inspector of Moominvalley would be jobless, and the life itself a lot more boring!

Slip these striped socks on your feet and jump to greet the new day with Stinky. The base color of the socks is black, the heels are black, tips are black-and-white stripes and there are grey pictures of Stinky, who is attentively looking around. Have some color and joy for your day, without forgetting some warmth for the toes!

  • Stretchy and narrow ribbing
  • Varreton, matala malli
  • Extra low cut design
  • Material is pleasantly soft and stretchy
  • Fresh white socks and light grey picture of Stinky together create a lovely combination
  • Material: 80 % cotton 18 % polyamide 2 % elastane
  • Washing instructions: 40 °C – Wash with similarly colored clothing

Manufacturer: Martinex

Categories: Funny socks

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