Moomin Stinky children's trousers, green

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Moomin Stinky child's pants, green

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Funny Stinky-trousers with a string for tightening on the waist. The color of the trousers is a beautifully fresh green and on the side you can see a delightful Stinky. The fabric is extremely comfy and soft jersey knit and they're very pleasant to wear. 

  • Long pant legs
  • Stretchy waist with a white tightening string
  • Diagonal pockets at the sides
  • A pocket sewn on top of the fabric at the back
  • A faux-leather Moomin-label at the back
  • Soft-brushed inner side
  • One pant leg has a soft puff-print on it
  • The material is pleasantly soft jersey knit fabric
  • Fresh color, design and the funny picture of Stinky together create a trendy entirety
  • Material: 60 % cotton 40 % polyester
  • Wash in 40 °C degrees. No tumble dry 

Manufacturer: Martinex

Categories: Children's clothing • Moomin products

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