Moomin Paradise children's nightshirt, light pink

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Moomin Paradise children's nightclothes, light pink

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It's the time to turn off the lights and see sweet dreams of Moomins and a paradise. Here's a funny Moomin pajamas for a tiny dreamer. This pyjamas has a colorful paradise jungle pattern against a white base color. The fabric is smooth organic cotton and it feel very comfortable to wear.

  • Long sleeves
  • Dress-like, slightly A-line 
  • White base color and a lovely multicolored illustration 
  • Fresh base color together with a sweet Paradise-illustration and Moomin characters create a lovely ensemble
  • Material: 100 % organic cotton
  • Wash: 40 °C – Wash with similarly colored clothing while turned inside out
  • Color: light pink

Manufacturer: Martinex

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