Moomin Mymble women's dress, grey

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Moomin Mymble women's dress, grey

Stylish straight shift dress with planned details and a tender picture of Mymble. Make everyday clothing more beautiful!

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  • Loose straight shift model
  • ¾-sleeves
  • The neckline has been finished with facing
  • The sleeve cuffs are straight and fixed
  • Material: smooth and soft cotton-modal-elastane, stretchy sweathshirt fleece fabric
  • Big pocket at one side
  • The hem has a stylish dark grey Mymble printing

Caring Mymble, created by Tove Jansson, can be seen in many Moomin books and Moomintroll comics.  Mymble has a big tight topknot, a dress and a huge bow on her neck. Now Mymble is looking up and holding her dress' hem - is she perhaps going to bob a curtsy to someone? Stylish and tender, classically beautiful dress is perfect for many occations - both everyday life and more celebratory moments.


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