Moomin Celebration puzzle 500 pieces

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Moomin Party jigsaw puzzle 500 pieces

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On Tove Jansson's Moomins on the Riviera -comic the Moomins get to attend a fancy celebration. The chandeliers are shining, the tables are about to buckle under the weight of the delicious foods and the place is the most wonderful anyone's ever seen. Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden, Moominmamma, Moominpappa and Mymble are enjoying their time at the party. Little My climbs on top of the curtains to check on the situation, wondering about the lackeys and the attendees of the party eyes wide open. Is that an actual fencing sword on the wall? Hopefully Little My won't try to find it out!

Beautifully colored picture is filled with interesting details, which makes completing the puzzle more interesting and you won't get stuck on thousands similar sky-colored pieces. Completing the puzzle is a good way to spend time on rainy days or cold winter-evenings - enjoy your leisure free-time!

  • 500 pieces
  • Size of the solved puzzle: 48x34cm

Manufacturer: Peliko

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