Martinex Moomin Hiding - lunch box, olive

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Martinex Moomin Piilottelu - snack box, olive

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Funny green and practical lunch box with a hinge lid and a lock that can be easily opened. The box is shaped like a rectangle: the width is 16 cm and the height 11 cm. Inside the box there's a separate top part so that you can pack the snacks in two different levels, but you can also use the box without the extra level. On the lid of the lunch box there are pictures Stinky on an olive-green pattern. This practical box is easy to take along on trips, car rides or children's club days.

Stinky is hiding with a mischievous smirk on his face. Now he has found many great and different hiding spots already. But what on earth is going on: has he nicked something, hiding away from the police or friends or perhaps they are playing a fun game of hide-and-seek?

Washing by hand is adviced!

Check here to see Moomin Hiding drinking bottle as well!

Manufacturer: Martinex 

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