Little My baking -measuring cup set

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Lovely multipurpose three-part measurement set that can be stacked to lessen the space they take. The volumes of the measures are 2dl, 1 dl and 0.5 dl. The measuring cups stay together with the practical openable ring, and the cups have practical spouts and handles. The cute red measuring cups are decorated with pictures of Moomin.

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Baking is fun - and always a good idea! Little My is baking cookies with such speed that the flour is flying around, eggs get broken and some sugar slips onto the table. But who cares as long as you get to mix the incredients and roll the dough. In between you'll have time to throw the berries, run while leaving flour footprints and wait inpatiently in front of the oven. The end result is worth all the trouble - or fun. Yummy!

Measuring cups are the best helper of any baker or cook. As you bake you shouldn't bother guessing the right amount when you can measure it easily with these cups. It would be a pity if the cookies were to fail due to an incorrect amount of incredients. You can match this measuring set with the other beautiful Little My baking -series' products.



Melamine is a popular material that is often used for example for dishes, since printed pictures pop out on a melamine surface. Melamine is more durable than plastic and it's lighter than porcelain, which is an importan aspect for children's dishes.  However, melamine can be broken if it falls or experiences a hard impact.

It is adviced that melamine dishes should be washed by hand. They are NOT MICROWAVE-SAFE NOR ARE THEY OVEN-SAFE, since the melamine surface gets damages due to high heat. Melamine dishes are however DISHWASHER-SAFE ON THE TOP PART as long as the temperature does not go over the product's temperature limit (TEMPERATURE LIMIT FOR OUR MELAMINE DISHES IS 60 °C). WASHING BY HAND IS ADVICED since it ensures the longer usage-time and the dishes stay in better safe. When used properly the melamine dishes are safe and long-lived - and better yet: lovely, decently priced, light-weight and practical both at home and during trips!

Manufacturer: Martinex

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