Kiilu Moomin reflector with carabiner clip, Moominmamma

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Kiilu Moomin reflector with swivel snap hook, Moominmamma

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Shine in the dark! A Moominmamma reflector with swivel snap hook / tiny carabine clip is made from high-quality and reflecting 3M material. Attach the reflector on the right side (where the roadway is) at knee height. The reflector must be allowed to dangle freely and to be seen from both the front and the back. A broken or dirty reflector should be replaced with a new one.

  • Material: Reflecting 3M material
  • Size: 5x7,5 cm

Attention! This reflector fulfills the requirements set by En 13356 standards.

Manufacturer: Kiilu ®

Categories: Accessories • Reflectors

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