HuiGee Moomin women's scarf/headband, Whomper

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HuiGee Moomin women's scarf / head band, Whomper

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This adorable headband is made with HuiGee's popular Whomper-design. Practical headband covers your head from the sun and keeps your hair neatly in place even during the busiest of days.

The headbands are made from HuiGee's own organic cotton tricot fabrics that match beautifully together with other products from the Moomin by HuiGee collection, but similar colors can be found from HuiGee Basic -clothing collection as well.

• Made in Finland and the product has been awarded with a Key Flag -symbol that is a sign of domestic work
• Material: 95% organic cotton / 5% elastane
• Size: One size, by stretching the circumference of the headband is 50cm but it stretches well. The height of the band is 10cm.
• All the parts can be washed in 40°C degrees. Use the detergent for colorful clothing and do not use fabric softener

The tricot fabric has been treated with so-called Anti-pilling treatment that prevents the piece of clothing from creating lint.

Manufacturer: HuiGee

Categories: Scarves • Accessories

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