HuiGee Moomin women's night shirt/caftan Silhouette, black/white

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HuiGee Moomin women's nightwear/caftan Silhouette, black/white

100% organic cotton women's high-quality long Moomin caftan/night shirt is perfect for pleasant evenings and the sweetest dreams. 

"I'm feeling good from head to toes" - Mymble

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Silhouettes are from the 18th century, but they've stayed popular to this day. Silhouettes can be made from animals or humans, but now it's made from Moomin characters. Every character can be easily recognized even as a silhouette. Which one is your favorite? Perhaps Moomintroll, or maybe you prefer Snufkin? The favorite of the little girls is Little My, but everyone loves Primadonna's horse. From HuiGee Moomin Silhouette -pattern you can find plenty of familiar characters. You'll surely recognize them all.

The only suitable thing for lovely evenings and the sweetest dreams is the best-quality organic cotton tricot.

HuiGee's night shirts are 100% organic cotton and they have been handled antipilling techinique, which prevents lint.

  • This nightshirt is very loose but feminine
  • Comfortable long nightgown and long-sleeves keep you warm during even the chilliest evenings
  • Fair Finnish measuements which make this caftan-style nightwear
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Sizes: S-3XL
  • Made in EU / Portugal
  • Model Sara's height is 177cm and she's wearing the size S.

The night shirts will be delivered strating from 30.10.

HuiGee's nightwear have been granted the Oeko-Tex 100-standard acceptance. Oeko-Tex ensures that the clothing does not contain any harmful substances. Oeko-Tex standard also marks that buying the product is a so-called safe choise and it's also a kind of guarantee of quality for the consumer.

Manufacturer: HuiGee

Categories: Women's clothing • Nightwear & Pyjamas

We ship worldwide! • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


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