HuiGee Moomin tube scarf Meriseikkailu, pink, 2 sizes

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HuiGee Moomin tube scarf Sea Adventure, pink, 2 sizes

Children's size 19,00€
Women's size 24.00€

19.00 €

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Moomin Sea Adventure -design tube scarf / accessory, which brings showyness to your outfit.

Moomin by HuiGee snood scarf handmade in Finland. The scarf is shaped like a so-called neckwarmer so it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It brings a great touch of colour and character to your outfit. There are two sizes, so you can get a cute matching pair for both the parent and the child!

The fabric has been made with digital printing from GOTS certificated organic cotton. The material is pleasant to wear and it looks adorable.

• Size: Adults: Height 31cm, width 25,5cm (outer measurements)
Children: height 29cm, width 22cm (outer measurements). Women's size is suitable for all women, children's size is suitable for 1-7 -year-olds.
• Material: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane
• Country of manufacture: Finland

The scarf has been made from doublefold fabric, so the backside of the fabric never shows. 

In our country a handmade scarf is also a great gift idea for example as a souvenir from Finland to other countries. Finnish handicrafts have always been valued around the world. 

Manufacturer: HuiGee

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