HuiGee Moomin Hattifatteners women's leggings

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HuiGee Moomin Hattifatteners women's leggings

Soft, comfortable and lint-free women's leggings with a fun Moomin Hattifatteners-pattern.

This product is sold exclusively by us and web shop.

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HuiGee Moomin Hattifatterens have arrived to our shop in a huge wave - Are you ready?

Hattifatteners are creatures that wander around the Moominvalley, and you can meet them in many different Tove Jansson's Moomin-books. Hattifatteners, that prefer to live quietly, love electricity and that's why they like to gather to places where lightning tends to strike to electrify themselves. Moomin by HuiGee's Hattifatteners are now sold exclusively at our shop and web shop.

Sparky Hattifatteners are now taking over the shop and are a certain eye-catcher at your feet. Leggings can be matched with a lovely Moomin Hattifatteners tunic-dress but also perhaps with HuiGee's Pihlava-dress.

Gorgeous and stretchy women's quality leggings.

The design of the leggings is very form-fitting. The fabric in question does not lint and doesn't create the so-called "knee pouches."

• Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
• Form-fitting leggings
• A measurement chart can be found from the pictures but PLEASE NOTE that the measurements have been taken from the front clothing while they were laid against a flat surface. NOT a circumference.
• Material: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane
• Country of manufacture: Finland and Portugal (the country differs depending on the availability)

The measurements are made with fair-sized finnish measurements and the sizes are equalent with finnish measurements. The Moomin-design made with rotary printing fabric is made from GOTS certificated organic cotton. The rotary printing ensures that the colors last for a long time without fading. The material is pleasant to wear and it fits well.

HuiGee is ecological and ethical choice. All materials used are manufactured without toxic pesticides, the tailors are paid proper wages defined by EU and the working environment is focused on to the workers themselves.

Manufacturer: HuiGee

Categories: Women's clothing • Women's leggings • Moomin clothing for adults • Moomin Hattifatteners

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