HuiGee Basic baby's leggings Jazz, fuchsia/black

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HuiGee Basic babies' leggings Jazz, fuchsia/black.

Funny baby's leggings with a classic black-colored pant leg and a cheerful fuchsia-colored pant leg.

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HuiGee Basic Jazz leggings are quality organic cotton leggings.

Together neutral black and cheerful fuchsia create a beautiful combination, and the leggings go well together with many different tops and shirts. You can match these for example with Moomin Universum Bodysuit-Dress.

These Jazz-leggings are designed for babies, so they have plenty of room for a diaper as well. The babies' leggings have a rubber band sewn into the waist. Creatively mismatched pant legs of different colors bring joy and cheerfulness to daily adventures. 

The idea for these Jazz leggings came from the annual Pori Jazz -summer festival, where the amazing and skilled musicians bring joy for everyone and the mood of the festival simply lifts everyone's spirits up.

• Sizes: 56cm, 62cm, 68cm, 74cm, 80cm, 86cm
• Material: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane
• Country of manufacture: EU/Portugal

The Moomin-design made with digital print fabric is made from GOTS certificated organic cotton. The material is pleasant to wear and it fits well.

All HuiGee's clothes have received Oeko-Tex 100-standard's approval. Oeko-Tex ensures that the clothes contain no substances or chemicals that may be harmful to children or adults. Oeko-Tex standard also guarantees that buying the product is a safe choice as it is a symbol of good quality in a way.

Manufacturer: HuiGee

Categories: Moomin by HuiGee  • Babies' clothing

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