Finlayson throw blanket Fox and Bunny

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Finlayson throw blanket Villipedot (wild beasts, wild animals)

This enchantingly adorable throw blanket is designed by Jenna Kunnas. Wildlife, wild animals.

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The Villipedot (Wild beasts) -series, which has melted the hearts of Finnish people, has finally gotten a continuation – may we present you designer Jenna Kunnas' Fox and rabbit. In this new pattern the fox has gotten a rabbit as their lazing buddy – both of them enjoy pleasant naps. What could be more pleasant, being bundled up next to each other in the depth of the forest.

Fox and rabbit -throw blanket is jacquard-woven and the ends are finished with black fringe. The material of the throw blanket is cotton, 45 % of which is recycled. Size of the throw blanket is 130 x 170 cm. Check here to see other products by Jenna Kunnas' of the same series.

The product has STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX -certificate, which ensures that the product is safe for the user and that it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.

Did you know that all the new throw blankets is either partially or completely made from recycled material? Finlayson works hard daily to make their products constantly more resposible and strives day after day to replace cotton with more responsible material, such as certified organic cotton or Fair Trade's cotton, recycled material or flax. The amount of emissions produced during the making of the products and the water comsumption have been succesfully reduced by using recycled cotton in this product.

  • Size: 130x170cm
  • Washing instructions: +40 degrees, ironing with 2 dots. Wash with similarly colored products. Shape while wet. Shrinks max 6 %. 

Manufacturer: Finlayson

Categories: Home Textiles • Bed Linen

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