Finlayson big hand towel, Moomin and ancestor, dark blue

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Finlayson big hand towel, Moomin and ancestor, dark blue

The forefather is sneaking around the Moominhouse's living room. Where might he be going now? On this high-quality, slightly bigger (50x70cm) hand towel Moomintroll is looking for his ancestor with a light from the lantern as his helper.

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You can spot the ancestor hanging on the Moominhouse's lamp, since the Moomins' forefather seems to like it a lot. The ancestor lives behind the tiled stove and often redecorates the living room furniture to his own liking. Where might the ancestor be now? Moomintroll is having hard time finding him. Beautiful lantern illuminates the living room with a dusky light. Moomintroll met the ancestor for the first time in the Tove Jansson's book called Moominland Midwinter.

Durable and very absorbent hand towel that dries quickly.

  • Size of the towel:  50x70 cm 
  • Material: 100 % cotton
  • Weight: 450 g / m² 
  • Colour: dark blue
  • Regular washing in 60C degrees

Manufacturer: Finlayson

Categories: Home Textiles • Moomin products • Moomin towels • Sauna & Bathroom

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